Online Therapy


As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I provide professional psychotherapy. I have a therapy office,  however much of my work these days is done online. Our sessions will be standard 50 minute session. A way to summarize my therapeutic approach is Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). We will implement new and healthier ways of relating to our minds and our hearts. This includes cognitive/behavior interventions and a practice of mindful meditation. Mindfulness is learning how to be present without the mind’s old habits getting in the way.  You will learn to let go of certain unhealthy conditioning and thinking patterns. In doing so, you may find yourself engaged in healthier perspectives and relationships. Give me a ring and see if my brand of therapy feels like a good fit for you!

Remote Therapy 

I also offer Remote Therapy. I do this through my favorite video-conferencing platform, icouch. This is a secure video conferencing, and is compliant with all of the HIPPA rules and regulations that were created for your safety, security, and confidentiality. Our email exchanges and sessions will meet the state requirements to make sure your health information is encrypted and secure. I love Online Therapy because it is super convenient. Gone are the days when we have to fight traffic to make it to our session on time!


We have lots of options. Cash, Credit Card, Electronic Payments (Paypal, Venmo, Bitcoin). I offer a sliding scale rate, and try and work with everyone, despite your financial situation. I ask those who can pay more to do so. This enables me to see others who can’t pay as much. My current range of my clients is $75 per session on the low end to $200 on the high end. I ask that you be honest and choose a rate that is fair to both of us, and feels sustainable for you. Credit cards are accepted. I love Bitcoin, so if you want to pay with BTC, you will receive a discount!


You can book a session with me at, or call or text me 310-800-1991 in California. Start feeling better now!