Remote therapy

So, what is remote therapy? Well, it’s just regular therapy done via technology. This means you can be anywhere in the world, and I can be anywhere in the world, and we can still have a session together. Skype is a typical way to do this, and it would be an option for us as well. However, I am now transitioning to a more secure platform catered specifically to therapists and their clients, called WeCounsel.  It’s free of charge to you–you’d only pay for the actual session. Any health communication using the internet must use HIPPA-compliant technology. HIPAA is a health care law that sets the requirements for how electronic communications and records are handled and protected. It’s very strict and clear about how your private health information must be protected. The WeCounsel video platform is a HIPAA compliant video conferencing system.


In California, where I’m licensed, the technical term is Telehealth. Some people call it Online Therapy. I like the term Remote Therapy. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be a video session. Voice calls are common.

So what are the advantages? Well, it usually costs less. This is often because the therapist is no longer paying for office space, so your cost can be lowered as well. This benefit will apply to you, should you choose to have sessions with me. Another advantage is a reduction in missed appointments or showing up late. No more fighting traffic trying to make it to a specific location. We’ve scheduled the appointment knowing we’ll be in the comfortable confines of home.

Despite it being online, I haven’t noticed any decrease in productive work being done with my current clients. There is still a real sense of collaboration and joining together to accomplish our goals. Facial expressions, non-verbal cues, and body language are still present. I think this is an important point. Helpful therapy completely depends on a healthy and trusting relationship as the foundation for the work to come. In doing therapy online, I’ve experienced just as many rich, poignant moments as I do when doing therapy in person. There are just as many insights, and the relationships are just as strong.

So, I’d love to be a guide and a witness on your journey towards mental health and well being. Remember, it’s not what happens to us, it’s how we relate to what happens to us!

You can book a secure video session with me directly by at, or call or text me 310-800-1991 in California.