Robert Oleskevich
Licensed Psychotherapist LMFT 49803
Online Therapy for Expats and Third Culture Kids (TCKs)


  • Are you an Expat or Third Culture Kid? You’ve got a unique set of challenges.
  • Battling depression? There are ways to see some light.
  • Anxiety kicking in? Learn how to befriend it to lessen its impact.
  • How’s the relationship? Learn skills and tools to navigate it more effectively.
  • Trauma is real. Begin to Heal.
  • Limit your screen time and be more present in your real life.
  • Do you set intentions? Create new meaning and values that guide your decision making.
  • Being human is not easy. Connect with yourself and others authentically and compassionately.

If you’re an expat or third culture kid, talk to me now to start feeling better!


California 1-310-800-1991 

Vietnam +84 0128 345 0380 

Therapy for Expats and Third Culture Kids


Your current situation is not your final destination.


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Check out B.A.M.! A new workshop I’ve created designed to wake us up to more conscious living. This workshop is available to your students, your staff, or any other group who might benefit. Let me know if you’d like to set it up.

Articles of Mine Recently Published:

Recently, I’ve taken on the challenge of writing about mental health, using my own experiences and challenges as the foundation of my work. I’m happy to say that these well-known online health and wellness journals, Elephant Journal and Hey Sigmund were impressed enough with my writings to publish them. Please check them out below:

Overcoming Feelings of Other-ness with Intentions & Values

3 Mindful Ways to Deal with Family over the Holidays

Family Triggers: Three Mindful Techniques To Help You Respond With Skill and Wisdom Instead of React Impulsively




Robert Oleskevich
Online Therapy for Expats and Third Culture Kids (TCKs) 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 
LMFT 49803

p. 310-800-1991